How to Easily Clean Pet Poop in the Car Cabin


Confused to clean up the animal droppings scattered in the car cabin? Relax, here’s the easy way.

Pets aren’t just friends at home. Nowadays, many people who like to take their pets to drive to just be friends to walk around or hang out with your friends.

When driving, don’t forget to make sure your pet doesn’t throw water or put food in the car, which will certainly trouble you.

However, if that happens, it doesn’t mean you can’t clean up the dirt. There are several ways you can get your car cabin back clean.

For more details, here are easy tips for cleaning animal excrement scattered in the car cabin.

Cleaning food waste

When driving with a long travel time, feeding your pet is a must- do. Mostly, practical animal food has an easily crushed texture, and the crumbs are often accidentally left in the car cabin.

To clean it, you just use a vacuum cleaner. This tool is most ideal for cleaning feces from animal food waste. Besides being practical, you can also save time working.

Nowadays, there are many vacuum cleaners available in portable and compact-sizedform.

Cleaning animal droppings in the car cabin

If your pet throws dirt in the cab of the car, clean it immediately and don’t wait long as it will be harder to clean.

To clean animal excrement, use cleaning materials and devices such as wipes, rags, newspapers, bed linen bottles, and cleaning fluids.

Cleaning the smell

The smell that arises from the pet’s urine sometimes smells so sharp that it makes the car cabin uncomfortable. For those of you who have tried to clean it but still smell bad, try using baking soda to neutralize it.

Baking soda has a potent substance that absorbs odors from animal excrement so as to neutralize the aroma in the cabin.

To do this, sprinkle baking soda in the area of animal excrement with sufficient amounts to cover the entire dirt. Then, let stand for a while until the baking soda reacts to absorb the pungent smell of dirt.

When it is no longer smelling pesing, you can clean the residue from baking soda with a vacuum cleaner until it is clean.

Cleaning fur

In addition to bad smells, animal fur can also be scattered in the cabin of the car. If this happens, you don’t need to be confused. Just prepare a cleaning roller or lint roller that you can buy at a homewares store.

Besides being easy to find, using it is also quite easy. All you have to do is hold the handle of the roller, then rotate it on the surface you want to clean to remove the attached feathers. Do it repeatedly until the whole fur is lifted.

As for cleaning the fur scattered in the carpet area of your car you use a brush to collect the feathers. If it has been collected, the next step is to suck it using a vacuum cleaner.

Well, those are some easy tips for cleaning your pet’s poop in the car cabin.